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Company Profile


In the area of Planning and Productions

Conception of planning
Preparation of working drawings
Shop drawings
Network operated:
Mounting / Supervision
we work conforming to: general build-code Z-30.3-6
suitability proof according to DIN 18 800 part 7 with the
extension for chromium-nickel stainless steel.


GASTRO-THEK - in detail

Since 1995 the company GASTRO-THEK Object- and Gastronomies-facilities is network operated for conception, for planning.

An efficient group has originated from unions of production and execution work on a well functioning network under the direction of GASTRO-THEK, for all requirements in the area of Canteen kitchen and adjoining special tasks.

Our work profile is a network-team is the guarantee for common success and consists of absolute professionals in all of areas for professionals Kitchens of planning and stainless steel processing. Planning, manufacturing and assembly work hand in hand.

Together they stand for a professional, creative and practical realisation ever possible

Reliability in delivery time, flexibility by the entire team and excellent quality, based on decades of experience in the stainless steel processing, are part of our characteristics. These are attributes that contribute to excellent conditions for partnership and cooperation with our customers and their needs. We do everything to help our customers not only by construction and technology but also are capable in advising them with the draft and design of highest standards.


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